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1. Select an appropriate leakproof container. If Nasco Whirl-Pak bags are not available, you may use a standard Zip-loc type sandwich bag (*not* the "fold-top" kind). If using Zip-loc sandwich bags, it is recommended that the sample be "double-bagged". For samples OTHER THAN complete paint chips, such as dust or soil, select a RIGID container, such as a plastic film can (NO glass containers, please).

Note #1: EPA would advise latex gloves when handling suspect lead-containing materials.
Note #2: If sample collection is being conducted for regulatory compliance or evaluation of lead hazards, Regulatory Agencies may require testing to be conducted by certified individuals.

2. Carefully place the sample in the container, evacuate as much air as possible, and seal.

  * a. Paint chips: about two square inches [or a 2 inch by 1 inch piece]
  * b. Dirt or soils: about 1/4 cup, or nearly fill the container.
  * c. Dust wipes: wipe a measured 1 square foot area with an EPA approved sample media.
  * d. Water: We are not able to accept water samples at this time, due to lab requirement for pre-acid-treating the containers.

3. Label and/or number each sample. Provide information on *each* sample to include:

  * a. Sample number
  * b. type of material, such as "white trim paint on wood", "brown exterior paint on stucco", etc.
  * c. location, such as "master bedroom window", etc.

A Sample Submission Form is provided, which you may simply fill out on and send with your samples.

4. Check to be sure the number on each sample container (bag) matches the sample number on the log sheet.

5. Address the envelope or package to:




25613 Dollar St., Suite 2, 

Hayward, CA 94544

(the words "hand cancel" are so it is not run it through the automatic metering machines which may risk rupturing the sample bag.)

6. Be sure to enclose:

  * a. Sample, sealed in it's container (bag), and identified with sample ID number
  * b. Sample log sheet
  * c. Check, bank draft, or money order made out to HMA, Inc. for US$60.00 per sample.
  * d. Name, address and phone number where results are to be sent.

7. Send to above address.

Instructions for Submitting Samples for A. A. Analysis for Lead


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