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Asbestos Samples


Instructions for Submitting Asbestos Samples
for PLM Analysis


1. Select an appropriate leakproof container. If Nasco Whirl-Pak bags are not available, you may use a standard Zip-loc type sandwich bag (*not* the "fold-top" kind). If using Zip-loc sandwich bags, it is recommended that the sample be "double-bagged".

Note 1: If a survey for asbestos is required by regulatory standard, then samples for asbestos are required to be collected by AHERA accredited persons.

Note 2: For friable materials, EPA would recommend a respirator, wetting the material with a water spray or windex, and carefully dislodging clumps directly into the sample container. The objective is to avoid creating dust which could be inhaled.

Note 3: Certain local jurisdictions (Such as the State
of New York) require testing of asphalt bound materials such as floor tile and roofing to be done by TEM analysis. TEM (electron microscope) testing is not included in the pricing quoted here.

2. Carefully place the sample in the container, evacuate as much air as possible, and seal.

  a. Acoustical ceiling type material: about a full tablespoon.

  b. Floor tile: a through-and-through piece about the size of a quarter.

Note on multiple layer flooring: each individual flooring may have a surface layer, a backing layer, and a mastic adhesive layer, and is treated as one single sample. In situations where a flooring has been installed on top of another flooring (such as a green floor on top of a red floor) each different flooring is considered by the laboratory as a separate sample and will be charged accordingly. Where possible, bag each individual flooring in a separate sample container. 

  c. Transite shingle siding and/or miscellaneous materials: as above; about 3/4 cubic inch.

  d. Heating system insulation: as above; about 1 square inch.

3. Label and/or number each sample container. Provide information on the sample submission form for *each* sample to include:

  a. Sample number

  b. type of material, such as "acoustical ceiling", "duct wrap", etc.

  c. location, such as "dining room ceiling", etc.

A Sample Submission Form Template is provided, which you may simply fill out and send with your samples.

4. Check to be sure the number on each sample container (bag) matches the sample number on the log sheet.

5. Address the envelope to:



25613 Dollar Street, Suite 2

Hayward, CA 94544

(the words "hand cancel" are so it is not run it through the automatic metering machines which may risk rupturing the sample bag.)

6. Be sure to enclose:

  a. Sample, sealed in it's container (bag) and labeled with ID number.

  b. Sample Submission Form

  c. Check, bank draft, or money order made out to HMA, Inc. for US$60.00 per sample. (US$120.00 for composite roofing samples or multi-layer flooring samples)

  d. Name, address and phone number where results are to be sent.


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